Designer Spotlight: Mini Moss by era - tinycottons

Designer Spotlight: Mini Moss by era - tinycottons

Founded in 2012 in Barcelona by designer Barb Bruno, tinycottons was quickly an international success. Bruno started as a designer for Adidas, then left to launch her first children's clothing collection, tinycottons. Bruno build the label on great quality and eco-friendly products, made in Europe, with stylish and bold design. tinycottons offers a strong image and a story behind every collection that they encourage children to get involved with, learn from and love.

In envisioning the label, Bruno knew tinycottons had to be three things all at once - a brand thought highly of by grandparents because of its quality, liked by parents because of its style and loved by children because of its comfort. It has proven to be a winning combination with retailers in 40 countries around the world. 

tinycottons just released their AW17 collection, get off the beaten track. The inspiration for the collection is based in the famous Altiplano, a high plain area full of llamas and culture, where your worries fade away. Themes for this collection include folk elements, little llamas, and no-worry dolls. All products are manufactured in Europe.