Day-to-night Dresses

Easy to wear, comfortable, moves through your day effortlessly and super easy to style.  Just a few reasons we love an easy day dress that can easily transition to evening wear.  Just add heels. Veronica Beard is just one of our favourite brands who specialize in these fabulous dresses (here). 

During the day pair it back to your favourite comfortable flat (here) and your carry-all tote (tote). 

For night add heels (here) and clutch (here) and your ready to go. 

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What is a Dickey?

The Dickey Jacket

How to wear? 

1. Pick your favourite Veronica Beard Jacket. 

2. Add in the Dickey...

3.  And Voila…a bulk-free layered look. Change your Dickey, change your look! 

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Back to routine ft. Fall must-haves

With fall approaching and summer winding down we can't help but start to get excited for our favourite season.  Fall fashion is an obvious love of ours but there is also something to be said fro getting back to our regular routine as well. 

This summer was the perfect time to sit back, reflect and get inspired for new and exciting adventures. Summer is always a must needed retreat from the everyday grind, repetition and of course the cold but after some time away we're ready to get back at it! 

Some fall goals we have made: 

  1. Travel more and get inspired - a little adventure always helps to get your mind working and inspire new ideas for greatness.
  2. Spend quality time with family - this would definitely fall under the work hard, play hard quote. Work hard and be present with the ones you love. 
  3. Stay organized - Obviously the more organized you are the more productive you can be. This is a big one when you're trying to juggle many different hats.
  4. Have fun - if you can't laugh through life then whats the point. Stressful situations pop up so smile, be graceful and focus on your priorities.  You can only control your own reaction - don't take things so seriously. 
  5. Be the best you can be - its all any of us can really do after all. 
And of course - choose your fall wardrobe with purpose ;) Some of era's top picks for the fall season include: A classic sweater (here), easy trousers (here), loafers and the perfect tote (here). 

So cheers to fall! Happy Shopping and stay tuned for the newest fall arrivals and top trends to follow.

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Jillian Harris x Solid & Striped

What Jillian Harris loves we love…and she loves Solid & Striped bathing suits just as much as we do! As a fellow cool girl/mother we're all looking for the perfect combination of appropriate, not nerdy, comfortable and dare I say just a bit more coverage ;) Lucky for all of us one piece suits are IN!! We are pumped and going to take advantage! 

These suits are cool and everyone is talking about them! In the words of Jillian Harris, the fit and quality are like none other!! Don't worry guys this was not sponsored AND not gifted!! I think that says it all! 

Shop Solid & Striped online now! 

Everyone's doing it ↑ Get on the one piece train! 

Happy Shopping! 

photos:, @jillian.harris

Paradise Lovin

The sun is out and our favourite tanks are in! South Parade has always been our summer staple for tanks.  They're super soft, lightweight and have the perfect amount of underarm coverage ( know what I mean ;)). 

South Parade, Bella Racerback in White (here)
South Parade, Bella Racerback in Heather Grey (here)

South Parade, Bella Racerback in Black (here)

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