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Phaedra Godchild from Styleista chats resort wear day-to-night on BT Calgary.  Era Style Loft was thrilled to be a part of this segment featuring the best resort wear from Faithfull the Brand and accessories from Maison Irem.  

Faithfull the Brand is known for their unique prints inspired by findings in vintage markets across the world. Each garment is carefully designed, sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia, using handmade techniques such as hand-dying and hand-printing. Faithfull is perfect for travel and can move into the Spring/Summer months effortlessly for an easy look. 

Maison Irem has quickly become an era staple.  Known for their coin necklaces, Maison Irem is the the go-to jewelry brand for a cool girl vibe. 

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blondewalk empire x Café Society by era: unexpected must eats

There are bistros, cafes, bakeries and restaurants galore in Saskatoon that are known for their specialties, but they also have other offerings that fly under the culinary radar. Below are the ones that top our list. 


1. Christie's Il Secondo- renowned for their pizza, but their killer house salad is to die-for 

2. Little Bird Patisserie- famous for their French macarons, but a must-eat ARE their cruffins- part-muffin, part-croissant, but all delicious.

3. Museo- come for the coffee, but don’t leave without devouring a cinnamon bun. 

4. Rook + Raven- legendary for decadent mac and cheese, but their daily homemade soups are heaven in a bowl. 

5. Earthbound Bakery – known for their croissants, but don’t overlook their fresh olive oil buns; guaranteed to enhance your next bbq (pre-ordering available). 

Blondewalk Empire x Cafe Society by era style loft

She Dreams in French 

We would be lying if we said enjoying delicate French pastries doesn’t make us dream of vacationing in Europe. A freshly baked buttery croissant is unparalleled; a labour of love.

As Saskatoon continues to grow, many notable patisseries/cafés are opening and serving authentic and sophisticated pastries. Below is collection of our favorite croissants in Saskatoon, complete with their prices and descriptions.

Cost: $2.50

Texture: crisp on the outside, flakey in the inside

Variations: pain au chocolat, broccoli and cheddar, poppy seed

Cost: $3.00

Texture: buttery, crispy

Variations: pain au chocolat, a rotating savory (this week it is gruyere cheese)

Cost: $2.50

Texture: light, crusty exterior, soft inside

Variations: pain au chocolat, a rotating savory (mushroom and cheese or asparagus and goat cheese)

Cost: $2.65

Texture: fluffy, smooth buttery layers

Variations: pain au chocolat, ham and gruyere


Enjoy Saskatoon! 

xxx Blondwalk Empire 

Blondewalk Empire x Cafe Society by era

For a second birthday celebration, we wanted to think of a creative idea that would easily feed numerous people, cater to both toddlers and adults, and most importantly, look and taste divine! 

A cake… been there! Cupcakes…done that! Cake in a jar? Yes please!! 

Mason jars were the obvious choice for the cakes as the glass sides perfectly showcased each delicious layer; sprinkles, butter cream icing, fluffy white cake and more. 

Cake in a jar how-to:

  1. Prepare your favourite cake batter as usual. Separate the batter into two 9x11 cake pans (you want your cake to be thinner than usual). 
  2. Bake for half the allotted time. Once cooked, let cakes cool. Once room temperature, wrap the cakes with saran wrap and place in the freezer overnight. You can always make the cake in advance – it will last up to six months in the freezer.
  3. When ready to assemble the cake jars, prepare butter cream icing. 
  4. Remove one cake at a time from the freezer and use a circle cookie cutter to cut the pieces of cake out. It is easier to work with frozen cake, until it is set inside the jar. If the cake has any golden flakes, make sure to cut them off with a knife. 
  5. To assemble the jars, begin by covering the bottom of the mason jar with sprinkles.
  6. Pipe butter cream icing over the sprinkles.
  7. Add the circle of cake.
  8. Pipe a swirl of icing on top.
  9. Top with a few sprinkles.
  10. Repeat, until you have completed all of the jars. It works well to make 4-5 jars at the same time, in an assembly line.

Happy baking! 

Blondewalk xxx 

Introducing Dannijo

Dannijo has been on our radar for years and we couldn't be more excited to finally take the plunge and introduce these amazing jewels to Saskatoon.  With just a small sampling arriving so far each piece has already seemed to leave us absolutely breathless.  Words cannot describe the beauty and feel that you get when you put your first piece of Dannijo on. A feeling worth experiencing. 

About Dannijo 


The Snyder sisters grew up in sunny Florida, where they used their cardiologist father's medical tools to teach themselves how to make jewelry while in middle school. Once the two reunited in New York after their college years, they went back to their childhood hobby and created a capsule jewelry collection for Danielle's non-profit L.W.A.L.A. (Live With A Lifelong Ambition), which fundraised for grass-roots initiatives in Africa. Seemingly overnight, the two built their jewelry passion into a mega-successful brand. Since its inception, DANNIJO has advocated creating sustainable economic opportunity for women in underdeveloped areas of the world. All packaging is handmade in Rwanda as part of their women's empowerment initiative.

DANNIJO jewelry is sold at select, high-end stores worldwide including Bergdorf Goodman, Shopbop, Holt Renfrew, Lane Crawford and Harvey Nichols. Danielle and Jodie are members of the AOL Small Business Board of Directors alongside Richard Branson. The two were featured on Inc Magazine's 30 Under 30: America's Coolest Entrepreneurs List and were recently profiled by The New York Times. They've been featured on the TODAY Show as well as Fox Business. The sisters are passionate about creating a multidimensional brand that evolves to the needs of their customers; the sisters were among the first to launch fashion casing for iPhones and iPads and have been at the forefront of the social media/blogger movement. Additionally, the line has an extensive celebrity following including Natalie Portman, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Oprah and Rihanna.





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