Era Style Loft x The Face Institute

We recently sat down with Sharmi Jaggi to chat all things fashion & beauty. The reason for this collaboration was to combine the thoughts behind investing in your wardrobe and beauty regime along with taking time out of our busy schedules for self-care and self-reflection to really exude your true self. 

As we unfold the first of a three part video series we did with The Face Institute we hope to better explain our thoughts behind why we feel its important to invest in ourselves.  

First, we chat about fashion versus style.  An obvious answer is presented as we explain that fashion is what we buy and style is how we define ourselves through what we are wearing.  Ever since we opened era we have always focused on buying quality pieces and moving them effortlessly throughout all the different roles we hold as women.  Whether its a silk blouse worn to work or to dinner or a pair of leather pants we enjoy finding multiple uses for our pieces that hold a timeless and modern appeal

We have recently gone back to our roots of blazers, silk tops, trousers and classic denim (with an updated twist). As we mature through our wardrobes we hope to expose you to new ideas and thoughts on your own personal wardrobe. Investing in quality pieces will help you to create a closet you feel good about and wardrobe that expresses your own personal style. 

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photo & video cred: t-squared

Antica Farmacista: Luxury scents for your home

I was first introduced to the Antica Farmacista line when I received a beautiful Prosecco diffuser from the lovely Elaine Lee for my birthday.  Since then, I have been telling all of my friends and family about this lovely line of luxury home fragrance and reed diffusers.  And of course, I couldn’t be without after my first encounter with Antica Farmacista.

At era style loft, we love to provide products and services that were previously unavailable in Saskatoon.  We also love to shop local!  Since falling in love with this product and discovering it was unavailable in Saskatoon, we are now happy to offer Antica Farmacista in store and online (coming soon)!  Come see what this line has to offer. 

Antica Farmacista makes the absolute perfect gift! For a good friend, as a house warming gift, for an expecting mom or a special little treat for yourself to enjoy - this luxury brand is the perfect escape. 

The #1 seller and most popular Prosecco diffuser (…and the beginning of our love for the brand)

Hand & Body Wash and Body Moisturizer gift sets (includes tray)

Luxury Gift Sets:

Read Antica Farmacista's Vanity Fair Article to learn more (here). 

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