Curated by you, made by us | Gift giving made easy

SAVE THE DATE: First annual era x mini moss gift giving event

When: Thursday December 7 - Sunday December 10 

When gift giving is this easy you can't help but have fun! We are so excited to announce our first annual personally curated gift giving event. You call the shots and we create the masterpiece. 

Select a style:
Luxury | Sporty | Cozy | Chic | Romantic 

Select the main:
Cashmere sweater | Pyjamas | Joie luxury sweatsuit | Silk blouse | Yoga gear (the options are really endless here)

Add an accompaniment:
S'well bottle | Jewelry | T-shirt | Antica Farmacista diffuser, candle or gift set | letterboard | book | jelleycat

Pick your filler: 
Prosecco or Rosé | Karat chocolate bar | Antica Farmacista body butter or room spray | Bebe de luxe | Jewelry box | Make up pouch 

And voilà….simply place it under your tree :) 

...and for the kids too!! 

Super cute, complete with pom pom 

Lastly, create a custom tag: At the end, personalize your curated gift with a special note. This added detail from the heart will finish off the best gift EVER! 

Happy Shopping, we can't wait to see you! 

Era's night in ft. intro to meditation

This past weekend we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Kristen Antunes & Danica Slattery into Era Style Loft to enlighten us with an introduction to meditation.  The entire Era team was new to meditation so this was a very fun and easy environment for us to get started. 

I think we were were all amazed by the power of meditation and in some aspect learned how it could become part of our daily lives.  

For me in particular this experience has taught me the importance of being mindful through all movements in life, to be responsive not reactive and to be truly present in your interactions with others.

Thanks again to these lovely ladies for coming into our space and sharing their expertise.  It was such a fabulous experience and I strongly recommend inviting them into your homes or workplaces for a unique team building workshop, girls night or to simply just learn more about how you can incorporate meditation into your life! 

Visit Kristen's website to learn more or contact them at 


Our family is growing: Mini Moss by era

"We're having a blast. Just four friends getting together." - alex van halen

Well…maybe a few more than four but you can call us the heavy lifters ;) Era is so proud to announce a special collaboration with Mini Moss. 

"Mini Moss is inspired by the imagination and spirit of children" - brit & justine

Brit Tastad, Co-owner of Mini Moss (photographed with daughter, Palmer) 

Justine Marchuk, Co-owner of Mini Moss (photographed with daughter, Elanna) 

The dream: to have a children’s website based out of Saskatoon, SK inspired by the imagination and spirit of children. Shop now! (here)

The goal: to offer unique, good quality clothing for the modern child (both boys + girls). Grandparents will choose Mini Moss for the quality, parents for adorable bodies and fresh designs, and kids will just want to live in it and play :) 

The mission: Mini Moss will offer a collection of high quality clothing and accessories for children from 0-10 years old. They will feature independent labels from around the world - many of which will be introduced to Saskatoon, SK and Canada for the first time exclusively through Mini Moss. In choosing producers and clothing, Mini Moss will look for items that are modern, wearable and environmentally conscious. We hope children play, explore and relax in Mini Moss.

How to get Mini Moss in your life: Mini moss will be hosting its FIRST EVER Pop-up shop at Era Style Loft on Thursday August 31.  This is your chance to view all of the fabulous goods that Mini moss is going to offer and give you exclusive sneak peeks into the life of Mini Moss. 

RSVP to the event today by emailing:


Start shopping today at:

Brands to find at Mini Moss by era: Rylee and Cru, Tinycottons (coming soon), Bob & Blossom, Briar Handmade, Salt Water Sandals, Bebe de Luxe, Jellycat, Oeuf (coming soon), Nico Nico (coming soon), Tutu Du Monde (coming soon) and many more! 

"Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and Dreams are forever." - walt disney

This collaboration was one of the most natural progressions for Era to take and we look forward to watching Mini Moss grow and flourish.  We are so proud of this talented duo and know HUGE things are coming!


Julie + Lauren 

Era celebrates six years

Era celebrates six years
by blondewalk empire

Era is officially six!! To celebrate their latest milestone, Julie and Lauren invited Saskatoon and area to help celebrate an impressive six years with a one day sale (their biggest of the year), with all of the latest trends at 40% off.

While shopping, guests sipped on sparking rosé and nibbled on a savory spread from the popcorn bar.  The day was made extra special due to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Below are a few photos from the event.

Congratulations on six years, Julie and Lauren!! We can’t wait to celebrate lucky number seven.