New York Is Always A Good Idea: A little sneak into our short NY adventures

To say we love New York would be an understatement.  September and February are two of the best months of the year! We get to pack our bags and head to our favourite city for the newest fashion to bring back to Saskatoon.  Every time we come back refreshed, inspired and filled with 'life-changing' ideas.  I think this time we both decided it was time to cut our hair ;) 

Along with the fashion the food is is a close second…or first. We love eating in the newest spots, classic New York favourites and hidden gems that are scattered throughout the city. 

Day 1: We hit the pavement to our first appointment of the day.  The Dannijo Showroom.  Always a favourite and conveniently located above a great coffee shop and one of our favourite places to stop for a quick bite!

We also had a short pit stop at Lauderee between appointments because, well…we had to! 

Day 2: We started the day off with a classic New York brunch - A note: 8:30am is FAR too early for brunch…especially in New York.  It was like a ghost town…The saying 'New York never sleeps' should really be 'New York sleeps from 4am-11am'.  After our quiet breakfast (yes, I will finally admit we just had breakfast) we continued on our busy day of appointments. 

Luckily we finished early for aprés work cocktails at The Standard AND The Chelsea market before heading off to dinner at a New York classic Buddakan (a must for any Sex and the City fan). 

Day 3: The less exciting, possibly more productive Coterie starts.  This is were the magic happens. 

We hit up the cutest little hidden gem in the West Village recommended by a friend (Mary)…and it was delicious!! 

Day 4: The equally less exciting day two of Coterie.  A little more exhausted, a lot more confused ;) We opted for matching Tusky necklaces for good luck and good measure…and because we love them :)